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At Lichenry, we are passionate about the future and preservation of wildlife and the protection of exotic species. Because of this, we breed a multitude of wildlife animals. The species in we are currently breeding intensely include Buffalo (Madikwe and East African), White Rhino, Bush buck, Nyala and Sable.

In 2005, we started with one East African bull, one Madikwe bull and four East African cows which measured 37 inches in spread. The goal was to select the best genes and breed superior buffalo quality with our extensive knowledge of 10 years of Bonsmara cattle stud breeding.

Bonsmara breeding is the act of allowing crossbred calves to breed to create a stronger species that can survive in different atmospheric conditions, this means they’re adaptable, they also grow faster and produce better milk.

The name ‘Bonsmara’ was derived from the combination of Professor Bonsma’s surname and Mara research station, where the first crossbred calves were born. Professor Bonsma and his colleagues continuously exercised crossbreed experiments in approximately 20 commercial herds in various parts of South Africa. They finally come across the best performing crossbreed sample, 5/8 Afrikaner and 3/8 Exotic Hereford/Shorthorn.

At Lichenry Safari we’ve adapted the Bonsmara breeding method by allowing our buffalos to roam free on the entire farm and to feed on natural grass; this is how the buffalos build their resistance to parasites resulting in an animal that will survive in most environmental conditions and is adaptable. Lichenry aims to select and breed a superior race of buffalo, with not only a magnificent spread but also select for short inter-calving rate, large build with muscle, quality and quantity milk production, good leg and hoof development, behavior traits, strong immunity, easy calving and low mortality rate. At Lichenry, we strive for quality and not quantity.

Our method has worked since 2005, and for many breeders around South Africa. If you have any questions about our breeding method, feel free to contact us on +27 82 891 4897 and we’ll gladly assist.

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