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We cater for all hunting techniques and methods rifle/muzzle-loaders but specialize in bow hunting, whether walk and stalk or hide hunting. Our experienced team of professional hunters, outfitters, trackers and skinners will take care of it all!

Hunting in Africa or Southern Africa the big 5 or local plains game, our specialized experienced team will cater for your every need and make your hunting experience truly life altering. All off our activities, hunting, fishing, and wine tasting are open throughout the year and can be tailored to your preference.

On your arrival at the airport you will be met by one of our professional and friendly staff members which will assist you with your baggage and fire arm collection.

There are three options to travel to the ranch:

  • Helicopter
  • Private plane
  • 4×4 Vehicle

During your exclusive transportation any questions regarding South Africa, hunting or any questions will be answered by our qualified professional hunter.

At the lodge, you will be met by our smiling staff which will assist you to settle in to your accommodation of choice and answer any questions.

On the ranch and surrounding areas which compose of thousands of hectares, local and internationally, hunting all the species which you desire is possible. Whether by helicopter, plane or 4×4 all areas are accessible. Our professional hunter will assist and guide you throughout hunt, whether you choose the big 5, plains game or even selected bird species.

On the exciting hunting day, you will be up and enjoying a light meal and beverage before sunrise. At first light the hunt will commence, driving a 4×4 or a quick helicopter flight to your destination. Different hunting techniques are available (compound bow, long bow, crossbow, rifle hunting, walk and stalk or blind hunting).

During your hunt you may choose to use our professional staff to video record your successful hunt. After the kill, the professional hunter and staff will photograph you to capture the unforgettable moment and load the trophy on the 4×4 for skinning and processing by our competent staff. The skinning will be done by our Skinner and sent away to a selected professional taxidermist. All relevant export permits will be arranged for you.

Between 11:00 – 12:00 a mouth watering brunch will be served either at the lodge or a private picnic next to a rock dam under the Acacia tree.
At around 14:00 hunting will resume until the last light when you shall return to camp where you will be greeted by a heartwarming campfire. Here you will enjoy the well deserved beverages served on a wooden deck as you admire the unforgettable sunset over the Waterberg.

We also offer hunts in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has some of the most untouched hunting grounds in the world. We have exclusive access to over 30,000 hectares in Zimbabwe and are able to arrange customized trips based on your hunting requirements.

Lichenry Hunting Safaris is where anything is possible and where clients turn into friends.

The Heathcote family welcomes you.

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