Reserve Safety information


Please contact your guide or lodge manager immediately should you require any medical assistance during your stay.


Lichenry Safaris offers medical evacuation services. The Lodge staff are trained in wilderness first aid and available at all times. In the case of an emergency please can you notify us as well of any relevant contact numbers we might need.


All our lodges meet the required fire procedures and protocols. Extinguishers are located at numerous points throughout the lodge. Should you discover a fire please contact a member of staff immediately!

In the case of a lodge fire the following protocols and procedures will be implemented and must be followed without fail.

  • The fire alarm will sound
  • Evacuate the lodge are you are in immediately leaving all belongings behind
  • Walk away from the lodge are to the assembly point in each lodge car park unless otherwise instructed by lodge management
  • Please assist other guests if required
  •  Report your presence and that of your family members/ party members to a staff member at the assembly point
  • Advise staff immediately should you require and medical attention


Our lodges and guides all carry up to date first aid kits should the need arise


When on safari please obey the instructions of your guide or senior staff at all times without question. As noted previously the lodges are not fenced off and the game is free to roam at will throughout the lodge areas. Please do not walk unaccompanied through the lodge areas alone after dark, a member of staff will escort you accordingly so please do not hesitate to ask for assistance in this regard at any time.


Please make sure that you have signed an indemnity form upon arrival and check in at the lodge.


Please do not feed any wild animals at any time.


Nooitverwacht is situated in a malaria free area however it is still advisable to make use of insect repellant and long sleeves if outside at night. Insect repellant is provided in your suite.


As stated earlier in this booklet please only use the swimming pools between sunrise and sunset for safety reasons. Please swim with caution and no diving is permitted. Please remember the African Sun can be very unforgiving so sunblock poolside is a must! Parents are responsible for their children’s behaviour and safety when poolside.

Reserve Safety information
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